RoundRecruit has dedicated teams to support you whether you need a part-time trainer for a day or someone to head up your IT team.

  • We start with understanding your requirements by assigning you a specialist consultant that understands your business.
  • We will shortlist the most suitable CV’s for you to review
  • We support you through interview, expectations and closure
  • We will ensure we are still there post the joining of the candidate

RoundRecruit provides the following hiring services:

  • Executive Search Services
  • Permanent Services
  • Contract Services
  • Interim Services


Every organization is unique and one size does not fit all. We realize that strategy is one of the key ingredients of success or failure of a business.

After 3 decades of management experience in the recruitment space, our team has built an envious network of independent advisors, investors and business services globally. Our network offers everything from a simple step-by-step recruiting plan to a multi-country entry strategy to take you global.

So if you looking for start-up capital or need invoice discounting to help your cash-flow or at a stage to explore a merger or acquisition, we can help.

RoundRecruit will work with you to develop your strategies for growth.


Workforce planning is an essential part of any successful company. Every organization must have the ability to define and narrow any gaps between their current and projected talent needs, resulting in your ability to deliver the end goal.

At RoundRecruit we have been working with senior management and planning to ensure you have what skills you need, who you need and exactly when you need them, so that you are in the right position to execute your goals at any given time.

Our Planning team will work with your senior management to define where the gaps are, once identified we will advise of where the challenges lie and ultimately guide and support to ensure you have the right plan going forward.

RoundRecruit will help you plan to succeed.


Companies often face the challenge of who to turn to when help and guidance is needed on an ad-hoc basis. RoundRecruit’s advisory practice specifically supports those difficult times when an experienced advisor can provide guidance.

We provide independent advice in the simplest manner, without any complex strategies, methodologies or complicated jargon. Our aim is to guide you through the steps and hold your hand when required.

Our Advisory team has over 30+ years of experience, working across 4 continents and diverse industry sectors, with an extended advisory network, we can be sure to help you find the answer.

RoundRecruit will be the ear that listens and advises.